The Materials

This is a general list of materials you will need to effectively complete the process.
You will need:


(Sulfate and Paraben free, has natural and minimal ingredients)

Leave-in conditioner

(Sulfate and Paraben free, has natural and minimal ingredients)

Two wide tooth combs with handles;

one a little smaller than the other

Hair ties

for sectioning (about 6)

A stiff boar bristle brush with a handle

Shower Cap

(tight around the edge and able to fit all hair in)

Curl defining cream or smoothie

Spray bottle with cool water


Alchemy Oil

The Process

This is a general process for washing your hair; our hair should be washed roughly every two weeks.


Wet hair with warm/hot water; move sections of hair around to ensure all hair and roots get wet.


Section hair into 4/5 sections (use fingers), twist each section and put in loose buns with hair ties for all but one
bottom section.


Use the bigger comb to comb the section while running water directly on hair. Comb from ends, to shaft then to root. Always detangle from the bottom up. Do not run a comb downward through dry hair that has not been detangled.


Wash the section twice with your shampoo. Gently massage and scratch the scalp and work the shampoo from root to end. Always work shampoo using flat hands and fingers to keep hair from tangling.


After washing a section with shampoo (2x), rinse thoroughly with cool water running fingers through hair to prevent tangling. Comb with smaller comb, then braid the hair.Wet hair with warm/hot water; move sections of hair around to ensure all hair and roots get wet.


Repeat for all sections; you should have 4/5 detangled braids (more if you choose to wash in smaller sections) at the end of washing. Rinse your entire head with cool water, squeeze out some water from each braid and cover hair with a shower cap.


Post shower, remove a braid from the shower cap, unbraid it, use Alchemy Oil dropper to oil parts. Take oil onto
fingertips, massage into scalp and comb oil (using fingers) onto shaft and ends. This is delivering moisture to the
scalp, lubricating the outer cuticle and strengthening the inner core of hair.


Repeat previous step with the leave-in conditioner and curl defining cream. Do steps 7 and 8 for each section. Remember to keep shower cap on the sections waiting to be moisturized and braided. Brush to smooth hair for braiding.

Quick Tip

If you want nicely parted braids, you will need to unbraid your braids before step 7, part your hair in rows, loosely rebraid or twist hair in even sections (rows) and return it to the shower cap. Spray with a water bottle to keep moisture in if needed.


Braid hair after it has been moisturized with oil, leave-in conditioner and curl definer. One section can be one braid,
or you can create multiple braids from each section. This depends on the look you want for your braid out or braided


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