Privacy Policy

When accessing our website, you are trusting Alchemy Oil with your information. We work hard to protect your information and we do not sell information to any third parties. Alchemy Oil is committed to protecting your privacy online.

Visitors to the site are not required to provide personal information. If you request information or submit forms from us and/or place an order, we ask for data such as your name, email, address and phone number(s). All information collected is voluntary.

Alchemy Oil is required to collect personal information when you complete a transaction. We require your name, address, email and credit card information to fulfill online transactions. Alchemy Oil may also use that information to contact you regarding issues related to your order. If you wish to correct or update any information that has been previously provided, please email us at When sending an email, please title the email “Order Update” and include the order number in the subject line.

The additional data we collect is for contact and opt-in forms, comment sections, blog submissions and social media buttons. These forms of data are collected for the sole use of subscribing and following our social media pages, commenting on blog posts, submitting content for submission to our blog, and contacting you regarding submission inquiries.

B, can you tell me how the data is stored on the site and for how long?

The data we collect is shared with payment processors and *cloud services (B is this true, if not are there any other services on the back end where the data is stored or shared?)

This website has protectors built into the site to protect your data, what protectors. We also have procedures put in place in the event of a breach. (What procedures and systems do we use?)

As a visitor to this site, you have the right to know all of the above. To ask for a copy of your data and to request that it is deleted, please email us at When sending an email, please title the email “Data Request” and provide your full name so we can retrieve your data or process a deletion of data.

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